How we can help
“There is no map of human behaviour.”

How we can help

Choosing the right research approach

We all live and operate in a world that is like a partly unchartered map. We know the broad area and can see the established signposts – but it’s the blank areas, the lack of depth, the unfamiliar and the shifting, changing sands that need illuminating.

We can help by adding detail to allow you to understand your immediate area better, or help you move more confidently into new areas or, indeed, into the future.

Qualitative and quantitative research - the starting point

We have a wealth of experience in both broad methodologies and look to recommend the optimum route or approach for your needs. The choice is about delivering results.

We conduct all the qualitative work ourselves and personally develop and manage quantitative fieldwork: we analyse and present all the findings too.

We always work on research together, offering quality and experience as well as speed and decisiveness

At Cambridge Direction, we aim to live up to our name – we didn’t choose it lightly.

Erica Littlewood
Richard Webber
“Richard and Erica conduct all the qualitative work themselves - no dilution to junior staff.”
Great things we’ve seen in Marrakech