Cambridge Direction
“No road is long with good company."
Turkish Proverb

Welcome to Cambridge Direction

You conduct research to move forward, not stand still

The outcome of any research project needs to move things forward it needs an output that is impactful, directional and motivating.

And a return on investment should always be at the heart of every research project too.

We know you need to justify your market research spend.

And in your choice of a research partner, we know we are judged by the ability to deliver these outcomes.

We want research to open avenues and be a catalyst for action and growth.

We, Erica and Richard, are Cambridge Direction and we have a love of discovering the reasons behind actions and an infectious curiosity.

We get a real kick out of making sense of things and feel rewarded when we know we’ve helped people out.

We hope your visit to our website is just the start of a conversation...

Erica Littlewood
Richard Webber
"Cambridge Direction is just Erica & Richard - they work on everything together."
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